Bunny Fold Napkin

Memorable Events
Small Details for Making an Event Special

Ideas for making occasions memorable abound.  It takes very little extra to make an ordinary event special.  Always follow the philosophy of KISS (keep it simple stupid),  You can entertain with flair without killing yourself. Make ahead menus reduce stress and allow the hostess time to enjoy the guests.

Flea market finds furnish wonderful pieces of crystal, china, and decorative pieces to use when entertaining.  A set of green sherbets scream St. Patrick's Day. Red goblets can be used for Christmas, Valentine and the Fourth of July.  Never pass up a neat inexpensive vintage specialty item.

Regardless of the holiday you can always find cookie cutters and make a cookie bouquet.

Pick up some bonbons and use for a formal dinner.  The ones pictured are Old Foley, James Kent Company, Staffordshire, England.

A recent flea market find is the candy filled epergne nappy pictured at right.


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