Collecting Silver

Nothing enhances a table more than the sparkle of silver and crystal.  While inexpensive crystal treasures car readily be found, it is much harder to find inexpensive silver pieces. 

Most of the Sterling makers have been in business for years and though some patterns have been discontinued, others have stood the test of time.

Flatware and Table Setting

When setting a table never set with more implements that will be needed for courses served.  For formal dinner never include more than three forks, three knives, soup spoon, fruit spoon or oyster fork.  Remember when setting the table or dining you always use the implement (spoon, fork, knife)  furtherest from plate first.

Specialty Items

Specialty items are a delight to own and use.  Recently I ordered the ice cream forks to add to my niece's collection.  Other fun specialties are hooded asparagus server, demitasse spoons, salt spoons for individual salts etc. 

Care of Sterling

Sterling should be hand washed, rinse, and dried immediately after use.  Silver is highly reactive and can react to air food left in contact with the flatware.  Eggs, acetic foods, and foods high in salt are particularly harmful to sterling.  Never leave flatware soaking in water overnight.  Soaking as does washing in dishwasher damages the cement in hollow handle pieces.  Regular use of sterling help keep sterling from tarnishing.

Store silver in airtight silver chest or wrapped in Pacific cloth.

When you polish use a good brand of polish, apply polish with soft rag or cotton.  Never dip as dips are hard on the silver.  The chemical content of polishes changes.  Currently my favorite polish is Hagerty's Silver Polish.


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